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There’s always me to keep me company.

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Bitter realizations for today:

  • 'Wag na 'wag magpapadala sa emosyon. Lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko na para sa mga tanga lang 'yon. Wala e, nabobobo din talaga 'ko minsan. Paki-play nga, “Di na natutoooo….”
  • Kailangan mong maging naive for a while kung gusto mong pumasok sa relationship. Yung mga matatalino kasi aware sa lahat ng kahibangan (in other words, overthinkers kasi) kaya nakakatakas na bago pa magsimula ang anuman.
  • When it comes to relationships, manipis lang ang boundary between ng matalinong babae at ng “bad girl”.
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I know I sincerely like someone the moment I start feeling scared of the chances of disappointment. My epitome of bittersweet.

Naivety is essential in relationships.

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Plasticity・可塑性 from Jennie Feyen on Vimeo.

An experimental short film about building new neural pathways when learning a foreign language.

・Beaufort St Festival (2011)
・Propel Arts Northbridge Festival (2010)
・Future Shorts Perth (2010)

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"Film is human life minus the boring parts." #AlfredHitchcock #film

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Almost all the dialogues in this film (including the next two sequels) is quotable. So hard to choose which one’s the best so I’d rather post a still shot of my favorite scene. The whole marathon was a feels trip.

Before Sunrise (1995)

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Everyone was telling me their ethnicity. (From right to left: ‘Jew-rican,’ Puerto Rican, African-Cherokee.) When it came around to the girl on the left, one of her friends said: “She’s just a white girl.” 

To which she responded: “I’ll have you know my great grandfather eloped with a Gypsy maid!”

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How most Americans talk accdg to Louis CK.

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Sometimes I can’t help but compare myself with the other “loveable” girls. I’m not a head-turning kind of pretty. Not sexy. Not tall. So I thought that I’d just stick to what I’m known for or what I’m good at. So okay, I’ll be the funny witty girl who talks a lot. Talks a lot about art, screenplay ideas, observations on people, etc.

It’s gonna be hard to find someone who would appreciate my “specialty”. But I’m willing to wait (:

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I might be that girl in your dreams.

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